The UTA Bookstore has added two new vending machines on campus.

Usually these vending machines have only Scantrons, but these aren’t like that, store manager Paul Beaulieu said.

“If you’re early and you need a Scantron, and the P.O.D. is closed or you don’t want to walk to the Bookstore, it’s here,” Beaulieu said. “We wanted to expand commodities beyond the four walls of the Bookstore.”

These vending machines are to be stocked with on-demand supplies students may need, from car phone chargers to flash drives.

By fall, there will be three vending machines equipped with such items: in the University Center near the help desk, in the Mavericks Activities Center and inside the Central Library.

“We solicited student feedback,” he said. “We want them to be more student friendly.”

“I like that it’s basically another source for Scantrons, if the P.O.D. has long lines or they run out, and you don’t want to walk all the way to the Bookstore, you can come here,” information systems junior Kai Steussy said.

Steussy said he was only interested in using the machine for Scantrons.

Physics freshman Eric Amador said the machine has everything he would need.

“It’s pretty useful,” Amador said. ”I don’t think it needs anything. It has everything.”

The machines, which will be stocked and functioning by the end of next week, only take cash, Beaulieu said.

“We are looking into retrofitting them to take Mav ID cards as well as debit and credit cards,” he said. “But that won’t happen until well into the fall semester.”

Beaulieu said the Bookstore will continue to watch feedback to determine merchandise stocked in the vending machines.

“As a manager, I am trying to go where the students are,” Beaulieu said.


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