The Center for Mexican American Studies hopes to bring the racial conflicts of Tucson, Ariz., students a little closer to home. 

In January, hundreds of students walked out of their Tucson schools in an organized protest against the district’s banishment of the acclaimed Mexican American Studies program. The program, Mexican Americans' gateway to education and provision, was halted by the Tucson Unified School District shortly after the ratification of House Bill 2281, which in itself bans classes that promote the overthrowing of the U.S. Government.

Friday, the Center for Mexican American Studies will host its first House Party and Movie Night, featuring the acclaimed documentary Precious Knowledge: Ethnic Studies Under Attack.

The documentary shares the story of four students and how House Bill 2281 impacted their educational and personal lives within the community. 

“I want the documentary to show students that Mexican American studies are not just for Mexican Americans,” said Susan Baker, Center for Mexican American Studies head director. 

Baker said she hopes students will see the center’s passion and ambition behind the cause.

The event begins at 4 p.m. in the Mexican American Studies Center on the upper floor of the University Center. A dialogue with students will open after the screening.

  • David Dunn is an aspiring filmmaker, critic, and analyst currently attending the University of Texas at Arlington, and writes for the newspaper, The Shorthorn.

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