Bowling for bragging rights: UTA senior to compete against President Karbhari on the lanes

Lewisville resident Joe Milburn picks out his bowling ball during a training session Feb. 19 at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington. President Vistasp Karbhari has accepted a student's challenge to bowl and will play on Sept. 16 at Alley Cats Entertainment.

Broadcasting senior Kyle Schow will compete against President Vistasp Karbhari in a bowling match Monday at Alley Cats Entertainment.

The event is free for students and will run from 6 to 9 p.m. The match between Schow and Karbhari will start at 6:30 p.m.

Schow said the idea to challenge Karbhari to a game of bowling started as a joke and a simple tweet. However, the tweet received enough attention for Karbhari to accept the challenge.

“If he beats me, do I even walk at graduation?” Schow said. “What if he tells me to stay in my lane next time.”

The university reserved about eight to 10 lanes for students with six bowlers to a lane, said Travis Lankford, sport programs assistant director. Alley Cats will open during regular hours and operate regularly, but after 8 p.m. all lanes will become available for student use.

Free student admission includes bowling and shoes, Lankford said. There is space for 50 bowlers, however, throughout the night players could rotate every other game.

This is an event for students to take a break from studying and to recharge, he said. At the event, students can talk with Karbhari and participate in the other activities at Alley Cats, although only the bowling will be paid for by UTA.

“[This event] adds to the uniqueness to what UTA offers its students,” Lankford said.

Events like these can only continue if students participate, he said. Lankford hopes about 50 students show up to the event.

With the event being less than a week away, Schow said he is excited and nervous, but he’s curious to see what level of a bowler Karbhari is.

At the event, Schow said he will enjoy the moment, since not many people get the chance to do this.

The event will make Karbhari more relatable to students, said Stephanie McAlpine, Student Affairs communications associate director.

McAlpine said events like these open opportunities in DFW for students to gather and do something off campus.

“Events that happen on campus are for our students and so we constantly work with students to find things that best meet their needs,” she said. “We want this to be their home.”


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