Bombay Chopstix closes in College Park District

Bombay Chopstix restaurant June 4 in the College Park District. The restaurant closed on Oct. 7.

Bombay Chopstix in College Park District has closed after three years.

The university opted to close the Indian-Asian fusion restaurant on Oct. 7 after it failed to pay rent, said Stephanie Edgett, University Center contract management assistant director. It was in year three of its 10-year lease.

“The smaller, privately-owned companies don’t do as well in College Park. They really need kind of that corporation or the franchise behind them,” Edgett said.

Edgett said this wasn’t the first time the restaurant failed to pay rent by the deadline.

Currently, the restaurant and university are negotiating a settlement to pay off the last seven years of the lease, she said. Afterward, the space will be available for a new business.

Bombay Chopstix also shared a space with the vegan Mexican restaurant Down to Earth for about eight months, before Down to Earth closed its College Park District location in August, according to a previous Shorthorn article.

UC Director David Albart said in an email that there are no plans for Bombay Chopstix to return to campus.

Nursing freshman Efferata Tigabu said she liked the portions and variety offered by the restaurant.

Tigabu said she’s disappointed to lose a dining option, especially because she’s a vegetarian, and Bombay Chopstix offered options that suited her diet.

“I’m a vegetarian. There’s not that many options,” she said. “That place had a lot.”


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