Students were asked what helped them lead healthy lives. This is what they said:

1.Time Management. Try not to get stressed. Create a schedule because in college you can get confused and develop anxiety over things that aren't important.

– Criminal justice freshman Alyssa Hathorn

2. Stay Happy and Motivated. Try to take little things and turn them into accomplishments or into small victories. Be happy with the little things. If you feel mentally unhappy it can make you unproductive.

– Kinesiology junior Terry Teel

3.Use the MAC. It’s free and it’s a part of the tuition, so exercise. The school year can become very busy. Try to take an hour break to go and exercise.

– Criminal justice senior Gary Douthitt

4. Get off Facebook. The time spent on there adds up. You’re not being productive and you can get more done by not being on Facebook.

– Computer science junior Jonathan Griffin

5. Eating Right. Stay away from fats (chips and candy). Those are the main foods that are easy to grab. It’s enjoyable if you do eat them, but limit yourself.

– Biology pre-med freshman Ophelia Abraham

6. Stay disciplined. Set goals and work toward them. Be disciplined, whether it is going to the gym or eating. Be realistic about your goals, instead of saying you’re going to lose 50 pounds in a month, make it 10.

 – Sean Stewart, educational leadership and public policy graduate student

7. Enjoy Life. Don’t let bad things keep you down. If you’re constantly moping around, nothing gets done. People tend to avoid people with a negative aura.

– Electrical engineering sophomore Cory Zeigler

8. Moderation. It is key to everything, whether it's food, TV, sleep, partying or drinking. You don’t have to abstain from them, just be responsible.

– Communication junior Isaac Griffin

9. Don’t Sweat the Small Things. Stress is bad, it’s easy for everything to add up and it can be overwhelming, so prioritize.

– visual communications sophomore Carly Stephens

10. Be aware of what works for you. Don’t push your limits. Don’t let others push you’re limits. Don’t go crazy and eat once a day. In relationships [friendships/ romantic relationships] know what makes you comfortable and happy.

– kinesiology junior Adriana McKinney


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