Living and loving as a Gemini

Throughout the year, the differing alignment of the planets and stars is said to affect a person’s mood and personality.

For example, from May 21 to June 21, the planets and stars align with Gemini, supposedly giving the people born under that sign specific shared characteristics.

Astrologer Laura Waldman said some of the most noticeable characteristics of Geminis — people who were born under the zodiac sign — are their fun, playful and social natures.

Geminis are social creatures that tend to be the life of the party and are always at the popular social scenes, Waldman said.

Alumnus Tatenda Ndlovu, a Gemini, said those born under the sign are known for being two-faced or having two personalities.

Sometimes he feels outgoing and social, Ndlovu said. Other times he’d much rather stay home.

Although Geminis may seem extroverted, he said they’re more likely to be an introvert like himself.

Jordan Joiner, political science and German senior and Gemini, said his friends joke about his two personalities. “Jordan” is his work personality, while his “fun side” goes by “Kerry,” Jordan’s middle name.

Having two personalities can actually be an advantage, Joiner said. It allows Geminis to balance their work lives and social lives and compartmentalize their activities.

Waldman said Geminis also take their social behaviors to the internet, often posting on apps like Instagram.

“Social media is definitely a Gemini phenomenon,” she said. “They’re very entertaining.”

Whatever a Gemini’s preferred social media platform is, Waldman said that a Gemini is going to be on it all the time.

Geminis are also known to have big hearts — always giving but not asking anything in return, she said.

Ndlovu said getting something in return is never his motivation.

“If I’m helping someone out, I’m helping just to be helpful,” he said. “It doesn’t necessarily have to benefit me in any way. I just like making people smile.”

Waldman said Geminis are known to be flirtatious, seeming to flirt with anyone who will give them the time of day.

“You have to understand and not take it personally when they flirt with other people,” she said. “They don’t mean it.”

In a dating relationship, Geminis give an abundance of love and are most compatible with other air signs such as Aquarius and Libra, Waldman said.

The air signs work well together because they are communicative, verbal and social, she said.

Rutaba Malik, Ndlovu’s girlfriend and alumna, said she can see why Geminis and Libras are considered compatible. Ndlovu’s emotional stability and laid back attitude balance her more passionate, volatile self.

Joiner said he never paid much attention to compatibility until he started dating his girlfriend, who is a Pisces. Their signs don’t match as compatible signs, but Joiner said he’s learned that opposites attract.

Incompatible signs don’t necessarily mean a relationship is doomed, Waldman said. Regardless of the zodiac sign, she said the most important thing to remember while dating a Gemini is to have fun.

Waldman said other signs should be wary of being too forgiving with Geminis because they are slow to see their faults.

“Don’t let them get away with murder,” Waldman said. “If it’s something important, hold them accountable.”

Regardless of whether people believe in zodiac signs, Joiner said most people will know their sign and can identify with its qualities.

“Of course everybody thinks their sign is great,” he said. “But mine is.”


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