Levitt Pavilion

The band Green River Ordinance warms up for their concert September 2014 at the Levitt Pavilion.  

The Levitt Pavilion debuts its summer series this weekend with free music, food and fun.

Musicians are coming in Friday through Sunday to the Downtown Arlington Center Stage Music Festival at the Levitt Pavilion to perform for Arlington residents. 

"This weekend is kind of a whole different animal," said Cathy O'Neal, Levitt Pavilion communications director. "This is the fourth season that we've done Memorial Day weekend as the Downtown Arlington Center Stage Music Festival."

O'Neal said the Levitt Pavilion's selection of artists for the debut weekend is a little more specific than the rest of the season. 

"We choose artists deliberately for the festival that are a little higher caliber than our regular season in that they cost more money and that they are a little bit more well-known," she said. "These artists kind of fill that bill." 

One of the artists O'Neal is most looking forward to performing is Hayes Carll. She said the Pavilion has been trying to get him to perform for four years. 

"At the beginning, we couldn't afford him," she said. "Now that we have festival money, we're able to afford Hayes and make the dates work. We're very excited to have Hayes Carll." 

O'Neal said being able to bring in some of these artists they couldn't before shows that the Pavilion is growing as a music venue. 

"We don't have to worry that not enough people will come out," she said. "We have a very big, established audience."

O'Neal said food trucks and artist booths will also be there during the performances. The festival will debut at 7 p.m. Friday with Graham Wilkinson. 



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