How to start your own podcast

Broadcasting senior Branlon Allen, left, talks to computer engineering senior Paul Cathcart on March 25 at Maverick Place apartments. Allen said creating a podcast is a perfect outlet to express himself and continue after college.

Thanks to popular programs such as “The Joe Rogan Experience” and “Dirty John,” podcasts are seen as a new medium for creatives, businesses or everyday people to share their content with the world.

Starting a podcast can be a great way for college students to build their portfolio and have fun with their friends while still being cost-effective.

Lance Liguez, UTA Radio faculty adviser, describes a podcast as a recorded program, unlike live streaming, which people can go back to and is always there.

Liguez said podcasts have become a trend in media, even with businesses and different departments on campus. The College of Business has started a podcast on business analytics.

When it comes to saving money when purchasing equipment for podcasts, Liguez advises students to purchase a microphone with good sound quality from stores such as Guitar Center and a sound mixer that you can connect a microphone to.

For audio editing, Liguez recommends using Adobe Audition or GarageBand for those using Apple products. Communication students have free access to Adobe Audition through the Communication Department.

Finding a closet and lining the walls with mattress foam is the best way to soundproof a room on a budget to keep the sound from having reverb, Liguez said.

Broadcast senior Branlon “Phat” Allen and computer engineering senior Paul Cathcart decided to start their own podcast after being inspired by listening to different podcasts such as “The Brilliant Idiots” and “The Joe Budden Podcast”.

Their show “The Rough Draft” is an urban discussion podcast that forgoes editing to show the authenticity between the show’s hosts and its guest.

Cathcart said that he and Allen feel like they’re in “the rough draft” of their personal lives due to both seniors being close to graduating and still trying to figure things out.

“We actually had trouble finding where we were going to record for the longest. We literally set my living room like a YouTube studio, and we record in my living room,” Allen said.

Though everything was out of their budget at Guitar Center, Allen and Cathcart decided to price match at different places and purchased four of the Floureon studio microphones from a website called Fat Kid Deals.

“I want to touch all facets of media. I want to touch TV, radio, podcast, photography, videography,” Allen said. “And I’m just crossing stuff off my list day by day, and the podcast is the newest thing I’ve crossed of my list.”

Allen said a podcast is a good way to get your content out because it’s easy to produce, but the only problem the two face at the moment is timing due to their busy schedules as college students.

While the podcast is only on YouTube, Cathcart said once they get more experience with the audio they plan on launching the podcast on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Though both Cathcart and Allen are set to graduate in May, they still plan on continuing the podcast.

“Me personally, the podcast is for our enjoyment. If it blow up, it blow up. We [are] going [to] kind of ride the wave,” Cathcart said.


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