Horoscopes ascend in accessibility

In times of tension, some turn to the stars to provide comfort and answers.

Reading over one’s horoscopes was a monthly luxury that magazines proudly published. As the times change, horoscope content has transcended from glossy print pages to the accessibility of smart phone screens. Astrology Twitter accounts now provide users with daily content.

Even online fashion publication Refinery29 shares humorous horoscope content. On one particular post on Refinery29’s Instagram, a caption read “[fire emoji] 20 bucks says it was a fire sign” followed by #WhoBitBeyonce. The text illustration they shared read “Who bit Beyoncé,” in the center of the graphic. The post read: Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus, wouldn’t. While according to that post Scorpio, Leo , Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius and Capricorn would.

Ericka Mendoza, Aquarius, is horoscope-obsessed. The public relations and advertising junior said whenever she is fighting with a friend she goes to her trusted site, astrology-zodiac-signs.com, to obtain some answers.

She said she grew interested in horoscopes after her senior year of high school. Mendoza had a big crush on a guy and most of her friends were into horoscopes at that time, she said. She decided to check their compatibility only to find out the universe would not make them a good match. After that she said she stopped talking to him. Ever since that retrograde moment, horoscope compatibility helps her determine her relationships with people. When it comes to dating, Mendoza discreetly figures out her potential bae’s horoscope sign by asking for their birth date.

“I swear, it knows everything about everyone,” she said.

What the fire sign is astrology?

Astrologer Colin Bedell, a twin and a Gemini, said astrology is the study and transit of the planets and the moments in life that correspond to them.

”[Astrology is] also a powerful self-awareness resource that incorporates mythology and archetypes,” Bedell said. “[It’s] a personality profile to kind of help people understand what is their individualized spiritual curriculum.”

He said astrology also helps individuals understand what their function in life is and who they will become.

He explained astrology as the school of thought that has levels in its curriculum. Horoscopes are a predictive analysis, Bedell said, and the zodiac is an archetype of understanding. Bedell said with these elements, one can look at compatibility and predictive analysis.

Astrology’s gravitational pull

As an astrologer who performs natal chart and compatibility readings, Bedell said people usually don’t come to him when things are going well and it’s usually when they’re going through a crisis. 

Mendoza admits she only visits that site when something goes wrong or when she wants to learn about a future relationship.

“I think people are coming to me when they’re looking for clarification and guidance, outside of the overly secularized, rationalistic, scientific left side of the brain,” Bedell said.

Bedell said an increase in astrology consumption comes as an effect of political conflict or turmoil.

“People start to ask themselves there has to be another way of living,” Bedell said. “There has to be another way of getting along beyond what we are seeing.”

He said accessibility and sharing on social media is another reason popularity in astrology has increased.

Bedell said he personally doesn’t like the funny content on social media because he’s not that type of astrologer.

Roman Vasquez, interdisciplinary studies and political science junior and a Gemini like Bedell, said horoscopes provide an identity piece to young individuals who are struggling to figure out who they are.

Bedell said astrology has an underlying ethos of inclusion that accepts everyone. He said everyone has a seat at the table because everyone has an astrological chart.



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