Sometimes it is difficult for students to stick to goals they set out to attain at the beginning of the year. Below, UTA students share some of the five goals they set in the beginning of the semester that aren't turning out the way they planned: 

1. Getting ahead in the required class readings: 

“Tests seem so far away,” biology junior Chloe Otieno said. “I just need to get that out of my head.”

She said in order to get back on track with keeping up with the readings, she needs to tell herself that her tests tend to sneak up on her.

Nursing sophomore Danielle Sneed said she tells herself every year that she is going to keep up on the readings for her classes.

“Even if my book is in my face, I’m like reading the same sentence over and over thinking, 'What did I just read?,’ ” Sneed said.

2. Exercise more:

“I spend more time studying now,” biology freshman Hayden Houpt said. “I kind of traded off.”

3. Time management:

“It’s just a lack of prioritizing,” nursing junior Katie Dachroeden said.  She said she’ll try to work on it but it probably won’t happen.

4. Study more:

Exercise science junior Jeremy Nixon said he doesn’t study as much as he should. He said his classes are relaxed, and he said he is more of a last-minute kind of person.

5. Going to bed earlier:

“I’m a night owl, and I have morning classes,” Trevor Teape, computer science engineering freshman, said. “That probably wasn’t too smart on my half.”

However some students are finding ways to stick with the goals they set out to achieve.

“If I lay off, I’ll be behind,” aerospace engineering sophomore Jose Arcos said about keeping up on his studying and reading.

Interdisciplinary studies sophomore Taylor Adams said she has easier classes this semester, and because of it, she finds herself getting bored.

“You have to remember to keep yourself challenged,” Adams said.

She said if people don’t keep challenge themselves, it could set them up for getting behind or struggling in the class.



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