Drafts, spirits for fall are back

When the season changes, so does the beer. Being darker in color and richer in flavor, fall beer celebrations, such as Oktoberfest, are popular.

Seasonal Cheers: Fall beers are back.

Public relations junior Gabriel Estrada said a good fall beer is always appreciated.

“I’ve always wanted to try all of the Samuel Adams’ fall beers, it’s always been a dream of mine,” Estrada said.

The first day of Autumn was Sept. 23, and while some are purchasing pumpkin-spice lattes, others are visiting breweries, beer, wine and spirits stores or attending Oktoberfest celebrations to get their hands on fall beers. The 13th annual Oktoberfest at Caves Lounge begins 3 p.m. Saturday at 900 W. Division St. For those 21 and older, Caves will have German music, German costume contests and a German feast.

Total Wine and More at 981 W. Interstate 20 is among many beer, wine and spirits stores selling fall beers.

Andrew Kolowich, advertising junior and wine associate for Total Wine and More, said the flavors of summer beers are more fruity, citrusy, lite-style beers, but the flavors change to darker versions with fall flavors.

“Once fall comes around, that’s when you get your fall spirits. You get spice, chocolate, espresso, pumpkin, hazelnut and vanilla,” Kolowich said.

Stefan Carter, public relations junior and wine associate for Total Wine and More, said the most common fall beers are Oktoberfest beers, pumpkin ales and pilsners.

There are special mugs with indentations in them called Oktoberfest Steins. The indentions help bring out the hop flavors because it creates a thicker head — the foam at the top — on the beer when it is poured, Carter said.

The most popular beers right now are the big brand Oktoberfest beers such as, Shiner Oktoberfest and Samuel Adams Oktoberfest, Carter said.

“I know a lot of college kids come in here and like to buy local, so Rahr Oktoberfest is a good option. It’s one of our main ones,” Carter said.

Rahr and Sons Brewing Co. is a brewery in Fort Worth.

To ensure your beer is fresh, Kolowich recommends checking the bottle for carbonation. Before tasting the beer, smell it. When beer is sour it will smell yeasty, Kolowich said.

When it comes to being able to tell the difference between summer and fall beers, Kolowich said most people are able to tell easily. However, everyone has different preferences, Kolowich said.



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