Metalcore: A Dead Genre

When bands combined the technical riffs of metal with the slow, chugging breakdowns of hardcore, the genre of metalcore was inexplicably born. Personally, being a refugee from the draw of metalcore, I can tell you why it was so appealing. It is easy to play, the drums are loud, the guitars don't have solos, the vocals can simply consist of shouting, the lyrics are typically about over-dramatic teenage nonsense and girls like guys who play metalcore. Simple as that.

These factors all contribute to the influx of bands into the genre since its inception, and as such, thousands of bands playing the same music will inevitably produce some duds. Keep adding duds to the already over-saturated pool of bands and the genre becomes stale and lifeless, which is exactly what happened to metalcore.

Crown the Empire's The Fallout features every cliche the genre has to offer. From the "I'M SCREAMING ABOUT PAIN"/"I'm sweetly singing about a girl" vocalist dichotomy, to the carbon-copied chuggy breakdowns.

The one semi-redeeming quality of the band is an added theatrical aspect to the songs. Regardless, the album is a boring rote album that sounds like 99 percent of the band's contemporaries. 

Metalcore is knocking at death's door, and without new influence, it continues to churn out the same band.

If you want a real thrill, go listen to Cave In or Born of Osiris.

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