Students all across campus were drawn to the sounds of battle. Drums echoed, guitars rang out and crowds cheered as the Battle for the Block took over Bowling and Billiards on Thursday.

The Battle featured four local bands who competed for a $500 contract for the opening spot at next week's Block Party, an end-of-year celebration on the University Center mall for students.

The bands Svenny Baby, The Breakfast Machine, RightNoWrong and Kites and Boomerangs threw down for about 500 guests, said Anup Patel, Campus Traditions Director for EXCEL Student Activities, according to data collected by EXCEL members who scanned IDs and counted on clickers.

"Overall the bands are lot better than I thought," said psychology sophomore Michael Camele.

The Breakfast Machine won overall, with Kites and Boomerangs winning the $100 People's Choice award.

The Breakfast Machine vocalist Meghann Moore said the band is excited to play the Block Party on the April 18.

"We had a blast," said Kites and Boomerangs multi-instrumentalist Josh Garcia. The Battle for the Block served as the band's one-year anniversary, as they played the show in 2012 as well, he said.

"We're really happy with the number that showed up," said Aiden Johnsen, EXCEL Student Activities member, and chairman for Battle for the Block. "Our goal was to make progress from last year, that really came through."

The story, originally published on April 11,  has been updated with correct information.


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