I assumed I would be starving when I came to Germany.

German food

When I arrived, my professor and I had dinner at a German restaurant. Before I even looked at the menu, I knew I would not like the food. In Texas, I had been to several German restaurants and gave their food a try but the flavors never seemed to satisfy my taste buds.

In my head, I believed Germans only cooked with sour ingredients; sauerkraut, pickles and mustard. Which is true in some instances, but not all.

Germans really love their schnitzel and potatoes, so I went with that to give it a try. My food arrived and I took my first bite.

I was way wrong, German food is delicious. The schnitzel had the perfect taste and the roasted potatoes were incredible.

photo #1.jpg

My first meal in Germany. Pork schnitzel and roasted potatoes. When I took the first bite, I was excited to branch out and try new foods in the city of Berlin.

Asian food

 A common theme for me is my uncertainty of purchasing items at restaurants because I do not understand the contents.

The other day I walked into an Asian restaurant, but the whole menu was in German. I stared at the menu for about 10 minutes before making my decision.

 I walked up to the counter to order my food from this tiny German-Asian man. I ordered a wonton soup and this plate called Sukiyaki, which I thought was German for Teriyaki.

photo #2.JPG

This is a plate called Sukiyaki, it contains bamboo and glass noodles, two ingredients I dislike. I ordered this plate thinking it was German for Teriyaki, it definitely was not.

When they called out my number, I glanced at the plate and instantly regretted ordering the Sukiyaki.

 The wonton soup was great. However, the plate of Sukiyaki smelled like urine and contained bamboo and glass noodles, ingredients I highly dislike.

I attempted to eat, despite the unappetizing smell and look. I am the kind of person who always attempts to eat the food they are given, despite the taste. I’ve been taught to eat everything on my plate and to not be picky, however this was just atrocious.

In the states, I would have asked to change my plate. However, I did not feel comfortable asking for that in the given situation.

I accept my faults, I did not read the ingredient description, and I did not ask if Sukiyaki meant Teriyaki. I ended up eating a Junior Whopper at the nearby Burger King instead.

Before I head out to any restaurant now, I make sure to get on Google and look up their menu ahead of time. I like to know what I am ordering and how I should order it in German. It saves me time and money.

‘Till next time,

Marangeli Lopez

P.S: Check out this gallery and descriptions of food I had during my time in Berlin.

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