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There are many resources on campus to ensure student safety. There are over 200 emergency phones inside campus buildings linked directly to the UTA Police Department. 

Resources offered by the UTA Police Department range from filing a crime report to receiving a personal security escort when safety is a concern.

With approximately 227 emergency phones inside campus buildings and 82 assistance call boxes around campus, students have a direct line of communication to the UTA Police dispatch office.

“If you need some sort of assistance in any way, you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out what number to call,” UTA Police Capt. Mike McCord said.

Emergency phones and assistance call boxes have the same function, McCord said. They are there for people to reach the dispatch office, report a crime or suspicious activity and get assistance sent their way.

People can also use the call boxes to request a personal security escort from UTA Police, which is available 24 hours a day, he said.

“If you just don’t feel comfortable walking out to your car late at night or any time of the day, give us a call, and we’ll send over one of our officers or [public safety officers],” McCord said.

Kinesiology junior Israel Picou said he has never used any of the police department resources because he has always felt safe, but he likes to be aware of the resources.

With the help of a grant, McCord said the police department recently started a new program that serves as community outreach and a resource to crime victims.

The department also houses MavWatch, a program created and run by students.

MavWatch patrol officers go through training that allows them to use police radios and communicate with officers when they see something suspicious, McCord said.

“They’re out there helping patrol campus as an extra set of eyes and ears,” he said.

The lost and found is another resource available to the UTA community and visitors.

Hannah Turner, library student assistant and math junior, said people bring lost items to the library’s front desk. After a couple of days, UTA Police takes the lost items to the police station, which is located on west campus.

McCord said most buildings around campus have a lost and found, but everything eventually makes its way to the police station.

Campus safety is a collective responsibility for the UTA community, McCord said. The police department is here for the UTA community, but everyone must remain aware of their surroundings and report suspicious activity.

“We’re here to help, and if there’s anything that we can do as the police department, we’re going to try and do it — just communicate with us and let us know what that may be,” McCord said.


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